About me


From my point of view, lifelong learning and exchange of knowledge together with good cooperation are the basis of effective and goal-oriented work. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is when you reach a certain age or point in time, you say you’ve learned enough. Learning does not have to mean continuing your professional education. Learning new skills (photography, diving, cooking, making music, etc.) also keeps the mind fit. For me, the joint exchange is also of particular importance at this point, since working out and discussing topics together ensures a deeper understanding.


To see how projects succeed and things develop positively is a very satisfying feeling for me. Since the topic of togetherness and mutual success is very important to me, I am also active in various voluntary projects. Professionally, I am firmly convinced that a job that only serves to earn money but does not make friends is not good for one’s own satisfaction and health. As such, a job should most likely feel like a hobby (a paid one) and the team should feel like family.


A significant part of who I am today is based on my history. Since I was 15, I’ve been volunteering as a lifeguard and paramedic (now paramedic) in the BRK. In the course of my Red Cross career, I have enjoyed various training courses in management and quality management and have been able to take part in various large-scale operations. During my studies I was active as a volunteer in the student association in the Olympic Center and was able to rebuild the internal association IT (several servers and clients) and switch to a centrally managed directory structure with a network book (Samba, OpenLDAP, NFS, Ubuntu). Around 2013/2014 I moved to Australia for a year and was allowed to study at the University of Sydney. During my time there I gained many new experiences and impressions. After my return, I started as a working student for JAVA development in internal IT at it-economcis GmbH and over time (after completing my master’s degree) also took over the management of IT. In addition to managing IT, I was able to play an active role in setting up the Atlassian division and gain further experience with customers of various sizes. Like many of my fellow students, I tackled the topic of starting a business during my studies and founded a UG together with a friend (and liquidated it after 2 years). Despite the effort involved, I wouldn’t want to miss the experience of founding a company.